Boston, 1910

The bright occult lights of the 19th century have faded. Once proud organizations have splintered and devolved into political battles. What used to be fertile ground for recruiting Sleepwalkers are now ineffectual public service fraternities or cults of personality. True occult interest among the Sleepers has been diverted by spiritualist frauds and the empty philosophy of Theosophy.

But some still dream of the Watchtowers, and hear the call to the Supernal World.

Some still know of magic.

And, in the city of Boston, amid a tense truce between rival cabals, a new movement is underway. A small group of mages, disgusted by the infighting and empty causes of ancient wizards out of touch with the modern era, has caught the spirit of the new century.

They are the Bonehunters, and they seek nothing less than the recovery of Atlantis.

Scio Occultus Res

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