White Putnams

Claiming descent from the Putnams and Parrises of Salem, who were instrumental in the Salem Witch Trials, the White Putnams appeared on the Boston scene little more than a decade ago, with the stated goal of atoning for the wrongs of their ancestors. To that end, they entered negotiations with the Ebon Noose to claim governance of Salem. The Ebon Noose, however, viewed giving their sacred city to the descendants of their persecutors as an obscenity, and refused to any arrangement that would allow the White Putnams access to the city.

Frustrated with this obstruction, last year the White Putnams went to war against the Ebon Noose in order to claim Salem. Though massively outnumbered by the Ebon Noose and its allies, the White Putnams were all powerful Obrimos mages, and managed to make a good accounting of themselves, drawing the battles out far longer than anyone expected.

Then, suddenly, both sides called a cease-fire and the White Putnams retreated to Boston, giving up their claim on Salem, seeming satisfied with the outcome of the battle. Outsiders can only speculate on what the nature of the cease-fire agreement with the Ebon Noose might be, but the White Putnams now seem content to remain in Boston, where they have ensconced themselves in upper-class society.

Notable Members

White Putnams

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