Stone Assembly

The Stone Assembly was formed in Boston in 1633 by a handful of Mysterium mages from Cambridge University in England. They had come to the New World with the goal of collecting and examining the magical wonders created by the Native American mages. Finding the area in an anarchic disarray, with other groups of the Awakened seeking the treasures for themselves, the Stone Assembly petitioned the Consilium in Cambridge for the right to charter their own Consilium in Boston.

The reputation and power of the Cambridge mages lent the newly-formed Consilium, and the Stone Assembly cabal, the credibility and influence to enforce their dominance of the area. The other cabals all either submitted to the Stone Assembly’s rule or left the city for the Massachusetts wilderness.

Because of the very traditional outlook of the Stone Assembly, the society of Boston mages is quite formal, hearkening back to the way things were done in Europe two centuries ago. Protocol and etiquette rule all interactions, especially between cabals, and respect for one’s elders is demanded and enforced. Also, as the original members of the Stone Assembly were all wealthy intellectuals, they tend to discount anyone who is not of the same status and outlook. In particular, they have acted to keep female practitioners and the lower classes from practicing magic within the city of Boston. While other cabals who are members of the Consilium may admit such members, it diminishes the worth of the entire cabal in the eyes of the ruling Stone Assembly elite.

Just because the Stone Assembly doesn’t seem to move with the times doesn’t mean that it is ineffectual, however. Over the two and a half centuries of its dominance of Boston, it has accumulated some of the most interesting and powerful New World magical lore and objects. Their magical armoury is one of the largest and most powerful on the East Coast.

That said, their power and influence have been waning as they fall behind the times. Lately, the Stone Assembly has been fighting a battle on two fronts. First of all, the Emerald Scroll, a cabal of the Guardians of the Veil, has been making serious inroads against the consolidated power of the Stone Assembly. By careful use of secret societies and special initiations, the Emerald Scroll has gathered a great deal of political power, both in Awakened and mundane society, and seems bent on taking control of the Consilium. The only things keeping the Emerald Scroll from making the final push have been the Stone Assembly’s willingness to release scandalous information to the public, neutralizing many of the Emerald Scroll’s greatest political assets, and the Free Council’s bizarre duplicate conspiracy assault on the Emerald Scroll, stealing away many of the most promising mages into the Free Council’s false Emerald Scroll cabal.

The second front is potentially far more dangerous. Boston Consilium has just become aware of the fact that the Seers of the Throne have been using Harvard as a training ground for their own mages, building a powerful cabal under the noses of the Stone Assembly. The Assembly, feeling their honour besmirched, have taken personal issue with this threat, and vowed to remove the renegades from the city. The Seers are so far proving to be so numerous, powerful, and ruthless that the Stone Assembly has made very little headway.

Within the Consilium, whispers are starting to the effect that the days of the Stone Assembly are numbered. It is not just their leadership of the Consilium that is at risk, but their very existence.

Notable Members

Stone Assembly

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