Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials drove the mages from the city, into the wilderness. It changed the nature of Awakened society in the New World, and the political balance of the Mages of the Pentacle and the Sleepers.

That said, there is very little reliable information on the events beyond the (highly distorted) historical accounts. Survivors of the events proved remarkably close-lipped, and the Disbelief of the Sleepers has interfered with magical investigation of that particular time and place, obscuring the mystical events running both up and down the timeline.

The accepted facts are that a rivalry between Puritan families, possibly manipulated by one or another cabal of mages, erupted over the choice of parson for the village. The feud led to accusations of witchcraft, and the trial and execution of several men and women. The fact that the historical record and results of magical investigation have been obscured and altered by the results of Disbelief lead most mages to deduce that some profound magical act took place during the trials, and the Paradox it engendered has warped reality so that they are no longer able to say with any certainty what it was.

Rumours of the Spectre of Salem, a spirit or ghost tied to the events at Salem, have not been substantiated. Many younger mages tell tales of an aura of vengeance that haunts Salem yet, bringing misfortune and madness to any Awakened who remain in the area for any amount of time. It is because of the Spectre of Salem that the area has a reputation for being cursed.

Salem Witch Trials

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