Paradox is the teeth in the curse of Quiescence. It is the stirring of the Abyss that reaches into the Mundane World to strike at mages who work magic.

Some mages theorize that the Abyss, which separates the Supernal World from the Mundane World, is drawn to the expressions of Supernal power inherent in the working of magic, and uses these sparks to seek out and attack mages at the will of the Exarchs. Others claim that it is a taint to the power pulled down from the Supernal through the Abyss, and it is this taint of the Abyss that wreaks the havoc of Paradox.

Whatever the actual mechanism, Paradox seems drawn to mages who would disturb the Quiescence that wraps the world. Working Vulgar Magic risks Paradox, and the risk escalates as more magic is used or if there are Sleeper witnesses. When it strikes, Paradox can cause a spell to rage out of control, drive a mage mad, twist the world out of shape, scour the mage’s body with horrific energy, or even create a rupture into the Abyss that allows one of its terrifying denizens to come forth into the Mundane World.

To avoid Paradox, most mages try to limit themselves to Covert Magic, saving their Vulgar spells for use within a Demesne or some other place shielded from the Quiescence.


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