The five Orders of mage society form the primary political and philosophical divisions. An Order is somewhere between a political party, a fraternity, and a religion. The choice of Order says a great deal about a mage’s outlook, view of magic, temperament, and values.

The long history of the Orders means that they have had great opportunity to study magic, recording hundreds of generations of findings of thousands of mages. It is this body of knowledge, more than the network of favours and responsibilities, that tempt mages to join. Indeed, the wealth of rotes alone available to members in good standing is positively staggering, and a difficult thing to pass up.

Four of the five Orders trace their origins (accurately or not) back to Atlantis; the fifth Order, the Free Council, was incorporated into the current political system a mere decade ago.

The five Orders are:

Mages who do not belong to one of the five Orders are called Apostates, and are considered to be outside of the protection of mage society.


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