One who has awakened the power within his or her soul, made a spiritual journey to the Supernal World, and written his or her true name within a Watchtower, thereby enabling him or her to work magic.

By tradition, mages in the Mundane World are divided into five mystical Orders, based upon philosophy, outlook, and role in mage society. Four of the Orders trace their lineages back to Atlantis, while the fifth joined with the others a mere decade ago.

Because of this arrangement of five Orders, these mages are referred to as the Mages of the Pentacle. Before the arrival of the Free Council, the group was known as the Mages of the Diamond, and some still use that name to refer to the original four Orders.

Other mages exist who are not part of this arrangement, and are generally referred to as renegades, though they are further subdivided into Apostates, Seers of the Throne, and Banishers.


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