Ebon Noose

The Ebon Noose was once known as Epona’s Chariot, a loose affiliation of rural mages and cabals in Massachusetts. Because of their membership, they were discounted and dismissed by the dominant Stone Assembly, who viewed them as a ragtag collection of rustics, primitives, and women.

After the Salem Witch Trials, Epona’s Chariot changed its name to Ebon Noose to commemorate the wrongful executions of numerous innocent Sleepers at the hands of the Christian authorities. This deepened the rift between the rural cabals and the urban Consilium, and the state polarized into the Boston mages, led by the Stone Assembly, and the rural mages, led by the Ebon Noose. While each side held disdain for the other, they never came into conflict, as each group had no interest in the territory and membership of the other.

That changed last year, when the White Putnams came to take control of the city of Salem. The Ebon Noose held the city to be their territory, and opposed them, leading to a wizard’s war fought in the wilderness of Massachusetts. At the height of the battles, the White Putnams and Ebon Noose suddenly declared a cease-fire, and the White Putnams retreated back to Boston, leaving the Ebon Noose in possession of Salem. The reasons for this sudden end of hostilities mystifies most onlookers.

Notable Members

Ebon Noose

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