The Bonehunters are not quite a cabal, yet more than a network of acquaintances. They are perhaps best described as a political action group among mage society, much more recent and much less powerful than the five established Orders.

They are a group of like-minded mages, infected and invigorated by the sense of potential and possibility inherent in the new century, and tired of the staid politics and traditions of the Consilium. They view themselves as modern questing knights, seeking the Holy Grail – the return of Atlantis.

Specifically, the Bonehunters are trying to find relics of Atlantis that will lead them to the Tomb of the Dragons, hoping that the power of that legendary place will allow them to once again bridge the Abyss and overthrow the Exarchs in the Supernal World. Most other mages scoff at these aspirations, but the Bonehunters respond that it is better to reach far than to lie low, and that the most daring dreams are the most worthy.

Unsurprisingly, the Bonehunters have the sympathies and participation of a number of members of The Mysterium and The Free Council; what is surprising is the number of members of other Orders that have either allied themselves with the Bonehunters or voiced their approval and support.

The motto of the Bonehunters is Scio Occultus Res, or To Know Hidden Things. They have taken the name Bonehunters in defiance of a jest made by The Nemean, who joked that they were scavengers grubbing in the world’s graveyards for the bones of their betters.

The Bonehunters may have the last laugh, though. Rumour has it that they have recently come into possession of a Sumerian tablet with important information about Atlantis, and are bringing it to Boston.


Scio Occultus Res Grendel